HIMCEN - Portable Power Station Innovator

Founded in 2016, HIMCEN Battery, Inc., (Apex, NC) specializes in Li-ion battery pack solutions. HIMCEN designs and manufactures Portable Power Stations, and customizable battery pack solutions. HIMCEN provides the world’s lightest, most powerful, and safest Portable Power Stations solutions with its patented battery PACK/BMS Technology.

Overcoming the problems of conventional power generators, HIMCEN uses premier Li-ion battery cells to bring you the safest and most reliable power source, whenever, wherever.

HIMCEN is the only provider in the power station industry with complete design and production capabilities, allowing us to custom-design products to meet our clients’ unique power demands.

Our products promote a more sustainable environment, provide emergency power sources during power outages, and take your power outdoors. Our lighter and more powerful Portable Power Stations models can go anywhere and are rechargeable by AC, Solar Power, and your Car Charger.

HIMCEN was formed on three principles: SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, & SCALABILITY. We call it our SES Model. As experts in the Li-ion battery industry, we set out to create HIMCEN Battery with those three things in mind.

Safety Comes First

Most contemporary mobile power generators are made with lead acid batteries or inverters. They generate fumes by burning fuels, causing toxic, harmful effects on our bodies and the environment.

There were also problems with the current Li-ion battery-based Power Stations on the market, caused by the use of low-grade Li-ion battery cells; this causes a concern for safety.

However, there is no worry about that with HIMCEN Battery’s Portable Power Stations. Our units meet the highest safety standards by using the most trustworthy Li-ion battery cells, made by LG Chem, ATL, and Lishen, three of the top six Li-ion battery manufacturers in the world.

Effectively Efficient

Following safety, our next goal was to maximize the potential of our Portable Power Stations to be the most efficient possible. Each unit includes our Pure Sine Wave inverter. This important design feature allows for low distortion and cleaner power.

Portability and high capacity were our next goals. Conventional generators are heavier than Li-ion batteries by 3-5 times for the same capacity. And they are heavy and unwieldy to transport. Additionally, their life cycle is only a third as long as our Portable Power Station models. This means conventional generators are not economical for longer-term use.

Other Li-ion battery-based power station competitors to HIMCEN still do not achieve the lighter solutions we offer, due to the low energy battery cells used in their products. We pack more capacity into our products at lower weight because of our high energy battery cells from LG Chem, ATL, and Lishen. Our Portable Power Stations are more lightweight, with the highest energy density per weight (Whr/Lb) of any of our competitors because of our efficient internal design technology.

Because of our unique design features, efficient internal design, and safety standards, our products earn the highest value in the Portable Power Stations market.

Scalability For The Win

Scalability speaks to our ability to scale our products to different sizes, and to scale the amount of energy our products’ output. Our central focus on the word scalability means the power to change the world. With our current capabilities, we will be able to scale up our energy products to power larger electronics and appliances for a longer duration of time.

We will soon bring to market large generators, in the 1,000-10,000 kWh range. This will allow us to aid in natural disaster relief worldwide.

With our patented battery cell equalization technology, we will be able to support a much wider spectrum of battery application areas such as Energy Storage System, E-Scooter, Government and Military custom-designed battery packs as well.

Our Commitment

With our different Portable Power Stations products, we will help you to explore boundless adventures, with HIMCEN Battery at your side. We will be there, helping to power your devices, allowing you to keep exploring longer, without the fear of running out of power.

Our HIMCEN Portable Power Stations can be ideally used for various disaster relief missions. With a vision of making a positive change. In the future, we will announce a program to commit to sharing 10% of our net profits to areas where electricity may not be readily available, especially hospitals of disaster-stricken areas throughout the world.


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