Your cell phone has never been safer or more intuitive! With our SP10 Phone Sterilizer, you can leave behind worries about the cleanliness of your phone and touchscreen. Our phone cases not only sterilizes itself and your phone, but it can also be used with iPods, mp3 players, wireless earphones, watches, keys. jewelry, and many other accessories!

You’ll quickly discover that our contact case is not just the best way to store your contacts — it’s the only way. 

  • SP10 can be charged with Micro USB charging port and then charge your phone 
  • Just plug the phone it, rest it inside, and let the SP10 do it's work! 
  • The SP10 now has an acaricidal rate up to 100%
  • UV Lamp powerful enough to eliminate mites
  • UV light will turn off automatically after 15 minutes to conserve energy
  • Sterilizer case with cover can also sterilize your masks!
When it isn't sterilized, your cell phone can harbor all kinds of bacteria. Our technology makes these concerns a thing of the past. Buy yours today!