Welcome to top-notch sterilization that travels with you! Our DUO3 Toothbrush Sterilizer model tucks easily into toiletry bags and bathroom drawers. Whether you’re a frequent flyer who is tired of getting sick or a parent trying to prevent the spread of germs on the bathroom counter, the DUO3 is the quiet, safe answer to all your needs. This UV-C radiation technology may fit in the palm of your hand, but it has the power to change the way you live your life!

  • The DUO3 Toothbrush Sterilizer uses UV-C radiation to completely sanitize toothbrush bristles and keep them clean over time. It can be used on both common and electric toothbrush heads. 
  • The unit encloses the head of each toothbrush and blasts it with UV-C radiation, which destroys the DNA of viruses, germs, bacteria, allergens, and mold. For complete toothbrush sterilization, the unit requires three minutes. 
  • The UV-C radiation produced by the unit’s revolutionary HeaChip technology is completely harmless to humans. 
  • The DUO3 uses lithium-ion batteries that charge via USB. Once charged, the unit can be used 55 times. Charging cables are included. 
  • The LED chip life in the DUO3 offers up to 12,000 hours of use.
  • Each unit comes with a replaceable inner liner that’s easy to maintain.

With the DUO3 Toothbrush Sterilizer, your toothbrushes will last longer and perform better. Transform one of the germiest items in your bathroom into the cleanest one! Invest in your DUO3 Toothbrush Sterilizer today.