Life with contact lenses has never been safer or more intuitive. With our DUO7 Contact Case, you can leave behind worries about the cleanliness of your case. Our contact case not only sterilizes itself and your contacts; it includes a set of tweezers, a mirror, and a sucking rod in one neat package. You’ll quickly discover that our contact case is not just the best way to store your contacts — it’s the only way. 

  • The lid of the DUO7 has a mirror on the underside to make on-the-go contact care a breeze. 
  • Under the lid, you’ll find tweezers and a sucking rod. Both tools are designed to free you up from having to grab your contacts with your fingers. 
  • Your contact holder is on the bottom of the unit, kept secure by a waterproof silicon seal. Each contact well has its own UV-C LED for complete sterilization. The sterilization cycle takes three minutes, after which the unit powers down. 
  • Our UV-C technology kills 99.99% of contaminants by destroying their DNA. Germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens have no chance. 
  • Your DUO7 Contact Case charges via USB cable and features lithium-ion batteries with unbeatable longevity. 

When they aren’t sterilized, contact lenses can cause a multitude of issues. Our technology makes these concerns a thing of the past. Buy yours today!