Ready for sanitation that takes care of itself? You’ll love the DUO1 Mini Sterilizer. This food-grade product puts the safe energy of UV-C radiation in the palm of your hand, empowering you to apply it where it’s needed most. You can leave behind the sickly glow of hazardous mercury lamps and the danger of ozone cleaners. Instead, let the DUO1 quietly purify the air, remove odors, and evict contaminants. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!

  • The DUO1 Mini Sterilizer is a battery-powered unit that can be tucked into fridges, kitchen cupboards, and bathroom drawers. 
  • It uses a new-generation HeaChip module to produce a focused ray of UV-C radiation that is harmless to humans and 99.99% effective at killing germs, viruses, molds, bacteria, and allergens. 
  • The unit literally destroys contaminants on a DNA level in 45 seconds while presenting no danger to humans. 
  • When first installed, it completes a primary sanitation of 15, 30, or 60 minutes depending on your needs. After that, it continues to sterilize in 15-minute sessions each hour. 
  • The unit’s LED chip lasts up to 12,000 hours, and its lithium-ion batteries charge via USB cables, which are included. 
  • Multiple units can be mounted together to provide complete coverage. 

Keep your produce fresh longer. Protect your loved ones from allergies. With the DUO1 Mini Sterilizer, you finally can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve without having to use harsh chemicals. Buy yours now.